Minggu, 22 September 2013


I think the strength that i have is determination and in doing something that I like, something that can be a works, tasks, or games. Especially if I have a responsibility for that, I will do my best to finish it.

The weakness that i have is my ambition to get things done with my way and should be the same with what I want. Many people can't do what I want, so I take away the things that should be done by other that makes me tired and sometimes the work not finished because too many things that I have to do.

My ability is able to make the system that makes a work is completed as expected, I can also see the negative things in an event that i organized and find the best solution to solve. I also can make a good decision precisely.

I have a dream to become a large-scale businessman. I think my ability will help me to achieve that. Although my weakness can make me failed but because I am aware of my weakness, I can handle it and try hard to achieve it.

All people are born with ability and weakness, all people have the ability but not all people have the ability to know what theirs ability and weakness.

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