Sabtu, 06 April 2013

My Adventure

My Adventure

On the first day of the holiday, I have PKN task , the task is to make a documentary film. Around 8 o'clock I went to my friend’s house to make the film. 
After about 4 hours to make, we decided to continue of making the film tomorrow because there is some my friend that was not present so we can’t shoot some scene.

 Then, I went to the movies with Ciwalk for Fathur, Naufal, Shifa. We got there at 14.30, then directly we went to the cinema and queue to buy tickets.

We watched G.I Joe Retalation at 14:45. We bought some food and drink, and then went into the studio. At 5 o’clock,  the film was finished, we disappointed because despite some action scene are good but the storyline is bizzare. After that we ate at Texas and go home.

Because I have unfinished task, I came to school to do the work and also for futsal against X-2. By the time I arrived at school, my PKN group members are not  yet come, and fortunately, that’s the time to futsal against X-2, I went to G-Ball for futsal.

At 11 I went back to school to do the task. After 2 hours of working on the task, I eat and go home.
That day, I have no activities outside the home. Finally I decided to spend holiday at home. On this day, i spent my time to playing computer, sleep, watch tv, watch movies and do some tasks. On that day I was more dominant spend my time to watch Avatar: The Legend Of Korra. I like the movie avatar cartoon series. It’s cartoon but the storyline like a box office movie, better than G.I Joe Retalation. I watched 7 episodes on that day.


On that day,there are BM Cup match, and I was the committee. I went to the Lapangan Bali at 8 o’clock. However, because I must accompany my aunt to her office, I late. The match has started 15 minutes.

The match is X IPA 4 against X IPA 7. The match was fierce so the winner must be determined by a penalty shootout. Because the good appearance of X IPA 4 goalkeeper when penalty shootout, X IPA 4 finally came out as the winner. After the game I went home because I fear the rain will be flushed Bandung.

Review on Novel

Review on novel

This novel tells the story of a boy life named Hanif Abdurrauf  Sjahbandi. When he was child, he was very active, he often to go around his home to ruffle his home until his mother overwhelmed.
  Several years passed, Hanif has now grown into an elementary school student that was very fanatic to football. Talent and enthusiasm which is owned Hanif finally paid off. In SD Al-Azhar Kemang 9 First, Bekasi, extracurricular teacher stunned to see his football Hanif playing football with his friends. There was many students, but only Hanif that capable of absorbing his attention.
Although it was opposed by his father, Hanif finally join ASA (Asian Soccer Academy), because according to Hanif’s mother, Hanif did not just get a football lesson, but she will get over it, such as building awareness of differences in language and skin color.
Hanif even been joined to the U-13 national team, he play with the U-13 national team at AFC U-13 Festival of Football in Malaysia. After returning from U-13 national team, Hanif always pay attention to the next few days, and his father always sitting in front of a computer screen. Then Hanif’s father intend to enroll Hanif in training camp at Manchester United during the school holidays, Hanif responded it very well.

Training camp started, Hanif went to Manchester to follow it. Day by day he spent to training at the training camp. After the 478last day, all the participants went to the field to listen to the announcement of the students who became best player. Hanif was elected along with kim from korea, they will be selected again for World Skill Finals. They were tested in long pass skill. Remarkably Hanif elected to follow the upcoming World Skill Finals.
Then Hanif and his family returned to Jakarta. Arriving in Jakarta, every day Hanif always practicing in preparation for the upcoming World Skill Finals.
In World Skill Finals, Hanif’s long pass skill, short pass skill, shooting skill, and dribbling skill always be tested. During two full days, Hanif given a coaching clinic, then after the second day of training, all participants and companions are invited to attend to the Old Trafford stadium to watch the match between Manchester United against Blackburn Rovers as well the announcement of the World Skill Finals winner. And the announcement of the World Skill Finals came, Hanif trying to remain calm. And finally comes out as the winner of 2009 world finals skill is 11-year-old boy named Amor Gauti Brynjolfsson.
After hearing the results of the skill-winning world finals 2009, Hanif began to pack up and said goodbye to other participant. He dreamed of someday playing in the clubs of Manchester United. He will be not give up.

Friend's Biography

Friend’s Bigraphy


He was one of my best friends. We first met at the 7th grade. He's  good, loyal friend. We have a lot in common, we love to play football, we like Chelsea, and we also like Linkin Park Linkin Park although it’s not our favorite band.
Haikal was born in Cilegon, 15 Juni 1997. He lived in Haji Leman Street Gerem, Cilegon, Banten. His blood type is AB. His zodiac is Gemini
Haikal is short, shorter than me. He has traight hair, white skin even though he often to play ball. Her body was thin, thinner than me. Although there is nothing special from the physical, but he's still my best friend.
Haikal is moving from boarding school to my school, he moved shortly before the Mid-Term Exam at first semester when I was grade 7. I am not too familiar with him as when I was in grade 7. We have become a ​​good friends during class 9.
At grade 9, we often play together. Haikal is often in the bully, but not an intimidation or phisycal torture, but just a joke. Although often treated, he just laughed, he was never angry.