Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Final Exam

The main purpose of this exam is to evaluate the result of 3/6 years that students have studied in the school. It’s a good purpose. But the practice of this exam can make many negative impact. But the practice of this exam can make many negative impact. But it can bring some positive impact too.
Negative impact can be made by goverment, bad people, and the students. National exam can be some event to goverment do the corruption. Many bad people can also make negative impact by sell the question paper or the keys of National Exam, the students buy it, and it can make bad culture for Indonesian students. For the students who are lazy to study for exam, they can buy the keys an get good score. It can be a tradition of Indonesian students if it always happens in every years. But National Exam can make positive impact too. The students are required to study for exam from the first semsester of last grade. They forced to preapare by read the book, do some Try Out, it can  make positive impact because it can sharpen their brain, their way to solve the problems. It’s important for our real life. The way to solve the problems can be different of student children and non-student children.
It’s goverment task for clear out all the negative impact because they have authority to make and changethe education system in this country. But i think, it can be better if National Exam is not sit in the chair, work on question paper, controlled by police. It’s better if students is asked to apply their knowledge in the real life. For example is make some device that use phsics law and sell it by economics knowledge.

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